"What's a Suggo?"

    Hello! I'm Suggo.
    I'm a passionate Real-time 3D Generalist from the Netherlands. With a strong devotion to everything game development, I like to take on challenges that let me develop new skills and come out a better artist. Primarily I create and texture real-time 3D models for game projects.

    This site will serve as the heart for all my social media, projects and an easy way to get in touch!


    3D Modeling

    Creating in 3D is what I love to do.
    I've created models for vastly different projects and end goals. Games, architectural renders, simulations and more.

    I have confidence in my wide range of modeling, sculpting, rigging, animating, texturing and ability to optimize. From characters to environments and everything inbetween!

    Tech Art

    Pushing my assets further with the technical side of art has always interested me! I grab every chance I get to do node-based or in-engine work to make 3D assets come to life even more with VFX and dedicated shaders.

    I understand basic programming logic and can communicate with programmers to help get the most out of a game environment.


    Music and sound design are something I dabble with on the side. Composing my own music for videos and games since 2018 has taught me a lot about what sound can mean for any project.

    This sparked a new perspective on audio which I apply every chance I get!


    Interested in my work? Say hello!