"What's a Suggo?"

    Hello! I'm Wessel "Suggo" Freriks. A passionate 3D artist and musician based in the small-but-big Netherlands. With a strong devotion to everything game development, I like to take on any challenges that let me develop new skills and come out a better artist. I strive to create quality art assets for game development teams of any size, to aid in making their projects become a reality.

    This site will serve as the heart for all my social media, projects and an easy way to get in touch!


    3D modeling

    It is well known that 3D modeling is essential in the industry today. Not just for games, but for architectural renders, simulations, film and much more.

    I've created and optimized 3D models for vastly different projects and end goals.
    I'm confident in my modeling, sculpting, rigging, animating, texturing and optimizing. From characters to environment work to objects.


    A good base concept, a strong art direction and a well-designed user experience are essential for any project.

    I can deliver strong and new concepts and ideas as well as build onto existing ones. Fleshing out ideas and creative thinking is what I'm good at.


    I published my first music project back in 2018, only a few months after teaching myself how to make music digitally.
    Since then I've enjoyed taking on many different audio and musical challenges.

    Something that started as "just giving it a try" in my free time gave me a whole new perception of sound which I can apply while working on basically any project.


    Interested in my work? Say hello!